Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bonanza~!! =)

Bonanza was held at Sushi King of Sabah and Sarawak on 18th (Monday) to 21st (Thursday) of October 2010 =) For sure I did not miss it! =P Actually I wanted to go there on Tuesday but when I reached there, it was a LONG queue either at The Spring or Boulevard!

Kwen and I went to The Spring again on the next day and there was no customers queue up in front of Sushi King. But when Kwen and I saw the situation inside, we just turned our back and walk away! Haha~! Everyone inside the Sushi King was stood around the belt then waiting for their food! It seems funny for me! =P After that we went to Boulevard to have a try, we just queue and waiting for a seat for us. When it was our turn, the waiter asked us whether we mind to share table with others, and I had rejected him. I don't like to share table with others that I do not know, so the waiter asked us to wait for the seat around the belt. =) I love the seat around the belt as it is very easy for us to reach for the food! =P It was the first time I sat there and I really love it! Especially when there is only two persons! ^^

It was around 4.30pm when we took this picture, there was no customers around during that time and there were lots of sushi on the belt~!! =P

Seem like not many Kwen and I had ate~ But we had ate all our favourites sushi! Lucky lucky! XD

We went to Sushi King again on the last day (the next day after we had ate). =P We went there again because of Joycelyn as she told me that she will regret if she do not eat (probably can't sleep in the night =P). We went to Hills and the queue was not long too as we it was around 3.30pm. The sushi in that outlet was small portion =.= The Golden Ball was extremely small! @.@ So shock when I saw it! I did not have the chance to eat all my favourites sushi. The sushi on the belt was always the same and the sushi came out slower. Haiz!

Left hand side was the number of plates of sushi ate by Joycelyn and Steven while right hand side was by Kwen and I ^^

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I miss YAP!!

Lolz! Joycelyn and I had joined the Young Apperentice Programme organised by CPAASC on 14 and 15 of October 2010. I thought the camp will be quite bore before I went there as it has boring talk. I really hate talk! =P

However, after I went there, the camp was extremely fun! =P We had ice breaking at the first day and the ice breaking was not the same as the usual ice breaking. I still remember the funny things happened during that activity! Haha~! This also made us remember each others name till the end of the camp and even NOW! Buahaha~

We were divided into 5 groups and my group was 8GB Stars! G stand for Girls and B stand for Boys. I miss my group so much! We had worked together over those two days and spent most of the time together with each others. Especially during City Hunt, we ran together and solved all the tasks together ^^ Thanks god I love to explore around, if not I won't know all the places around city and solved the tasks =P We even got number 3 for the competition in those 2 days! Hooray~~!!

Ohya! The talk! The talk was not as bore as I thought at all! It was about grooming! It really helped me a lot no matter now or in the future! I was enjoyed during the talk =) It reminded me everytime I put on my clothes ^^

8GB Stars~! =P

Haha~! Sorry Sorry presented by 8GB Stars! =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happie Happie!! =)

Yesterday I was went out with my Darling. He is so busy recently so we always spend the time at my house and seldom hang out. He is too stress with so so many assignments and those group members who will make him vomit blood :P Hopefully he will gone through the hard time very soon! ^^

He brought me to Boulevard for a walk. After that we went to Sushi King to have our dinner! It have been a long time I didn't step into Sushi King. The waiter promoted the Sushi King member card to us! We ever searched for it but so unfortunately it always been sold out. Of course we registered one! It is worth too as we always go there for some snack. =)

I still suffering from cough T.T Really wish that I can recover soon. I will be having Corporate Accounting test this Friday but I still not in the mood of study :P Yesterday morning my friend asked Joycelyn and I went to campus in the morning to study, but we end up chatting in the library! Haha~! I only managed to finish reading 2 pages of the lecture slides! :P I enjoyed listening to the interesting story said by my friend =)

Wish me luck in the test as this is the ONLY chance we can score our marks! :P